Globascope One Finger Pen

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"I have hand pain when I write" or "Pain in hand when writing" these are some of the complaints you hear from writers. The answer is simple. Use one-finger pen.

Orthopedic finger injury? No worries this pen fits on any finger.
​ ​​​​ In analyzing some of the causes of hand pain, wrist pain, thumb pain and carpal tunnel syndrome associated with writing, many experts put the blame on the unnatural way and lack of ergonomic approach to the subject of handwriting.
Experts point out many of these pains that also promote arthritic conditions can be avoided by adapting to methods that employ ergonomic strategies such as writing with just one finger and using tools such as WICO one finger writing pen by GlobaScope.
The design of this pen is unique because the one-finger pen acts as an extension of the finger. The pen fits on any finger digit of the hand. WICO writing pen is designed for persons with or without pre-existing hand pains. Evolution in writing methods.
GlobaScope will introduce new pens for children learning to write. The method has been tested with Asian letters and Arabic letters.
If you had stroke and cannot hold on to a pen or have arthritis finger pain, then switch to finger-writing by using one-finger writing pen. Dysgraphia and thumb pain from gripping are bad for you. Carpal tunnel writing pens.

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