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What our customers say

Thank you for this invention. Since I had stroke, I have not been able to sign my name but now with INDEX one-finger I can actually sign my name.


Dear Globascope Sales, Sorry for the delay in emailing you. Work commitments have had me working quite late.

I received the pen on Monday 2.4.12 It is a fantastic writing tool and I am delighted with it. I haven't stopped using it and have now got quite use to writing with one finger. I would like to thank you for your kindness in sending this to me.

Yours sincerely,

Sue Powell.

Once again I am overwhelmed by your product, how fast I received it, the bonus pen, and I can't thank you enough for the coupon discount. Without being redundant, I cannot say enough wonderful things about your stylus!!!! I spent a small fortune on other stylus before I found yours. Will never use any but yours again( unless YOU invent something better) !!!!


Eureka!!!!!! as we speak I'm writing with your stylus!!!!! �� it's even better than imagined! I'm too excited!!! ��this is so cool!!�� I'm patting myself on the back!!! �� enough gushing . Thank you for the speedy delivery, I couldn't believe it got here this quick especially this time of year. It's so nice to see excellent customer service cause I don't experience it very often in this millennium . I'm sure you will hear from me again. Have a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous new year!!! ������

Your new faithful and overly satisfied customer, Janice, MI

Ps. The pen is great!!!! Can't wait to show it off!!! ��

I purchased my WICO-C stylus for my Nook Color and I have been using it for about a week. I love it. I find my fingers too large to always click the correct key on the keypad and I hate screen smudges. People who don’t know me find out quickly not to touch my computer screen, TV screen and I am always cleaning my cell phone screen. Less smudges and more control when using my nook color…I Love it. I Love it so much I just purchased one for my daughter as a gift (she also has the Nook color). Even her young skinny fingers end up clicking dual keys or the wrong key on the key board. That won’t be a problem for her much longer. I know you are suppose to wear it on your index finger and keep your thumb on the button but I have found it more comfortable (for me) to put the ring on my middle finger and keep my index finger on the button. Either way, it is very comfortable and I feel like I have better control and input information in a more precise manner using the stylus. At this price you cannot afford not to try it.

Thank you, Dawn Seifert IL

This review is posted on Amazon. This stylus has a tip that reminds me of a piece of cloth or paper on the end, and at first glance I was taken back. But when I tried it on my Ipad, it was amazingly responsive. I'm trying severl different stylus pens for drawing and note taking to see what I like best. This one fits on your finger and you slide it out. You have to keep your thumb on the slide button for it to work - I think thats how it conducts. For me this is necessary anyway because the casing does not fit my index finger very well - have have very thin fingers, for most people this probably won't be a problem. I think it's pretty amazing. You don't have to push or tap hard like you do with the Pogo Sketch. This seems to be the inbetween using your finger and a pen but not quite like either one. I reccomend getting this just to add to your variety of tools to use. Nothing else out there is like this one.

Kelly StJohn, FL


I got my stylus it is excellent I have a spinal cord injury so I am limited use of my fingers. So this enables me to use my iPhone because I cannot touch it with my fingers. Only problem that I am having is the tip fell off can I glue it back on. And can I buy some extra tips? I can give you my credit card number if you do not have it on file.

Kevin Dobson, MS

Our own post:
Many ways to find a happy wearing WICO medium.
Some models require “Touch and Hold” referred to as “TAH” button to use WICO-C.
WICO-C Silver does not require TAH.

For more control, some users find these as variety wear.
If you wear WICO-C on your index finger, then the thumb is the TAH finger.
If you wear WICO-C on your middle finger, then the index is the TAH finger.
If you wear WICO-C on your ring finger, then the middle is the TAH finger.
If you wear WICO-C on your ring finger, then the little (pinky) is the TAH finger.
If you wear WICO-C on your (pinky) finger, then the ring is the TAH finger.

If you wear WICO-C upside down on index finger, then the middle finger becomes the TAH finger.
If you wear WICO-C upside down on middle finger, then the ring finger becomes the TAH finger.
If you wear WICO-C upside down on ring finger, then the little (pinky) finger becomes the TAH finger.
If you wear WICO-C upside down on (pinky) finger, then the ring finger becomes the TAH finger.